Marvão "owes" its name to Ibn Maruán and, in October, together with Badajoz, celebrates its foundation, "Al Mossassa", and we will discover all the history and landscape surrounding Marvão, ending the walk between walls to celebrate these days.

route typology
historic / cultural
ethnographic / landscaped

linear / ~12km / natur+urb / easy+

route duration: 1 day
available all year


(next date:) September

subscription / regulation (pdf) (PT)


Between Marvão and Ammaia there is so much to discover in this territory. In the Roman city of Ammaia we experience history in the museum, at the south gate, baths, forum and follow the most recent archaeological excavations in the amphitheater. We visit the Roman ovens and limestones of Escusa and the Roman bridge over the Trouts river. We discovered the ash tunnel of São Salvador da Aramenha, the chestnut groves, the cork oak forest and, on the plate, Alentejo cuisine. Over the River Sever, the bridge and the medieval tower gave its name to "Portagem" and the river beach is soothing on hot Alentejo days. The medieval sidewalk connects the river to the top of the Sapoio mountain range. In Marvão, between the castle, museums, culture and landscapes, there is time and space to learn about the history of this place.