In the village of Torres, in its lagoon
bunho and reeds grow and, from these two plants, there was the art of transforming them into instruments for everyday life, among them is basketry for the most diverse transport or mats for the ground or for shading.

route typology
ethnographic / landscape
learning workshop

circular / ~4km / natur+urb / easy

duration of the route+activity: 1 day
commemorative: "bunho" and "junco" feast


(next date:) on request

subscription / regulation pdf (PT)


In a "!!do it yourself!!" activity,
come and discover how pond plants are
fun and very useful. Ride a swing in the
middle of the vineyards, discover fossils
in the muddy soils. Have the experience
of riding a pony* and making "paintings in the wind". A different day with 'Recovering the Village of Torres Association'.