In the village of Torres, in its lagoon
bunho and reeds grow and, from these two plants, there was the art of transforming them into instruments for everyday life, among them is basketry for the most diverse transport or mats for the ground or for shading.

route typology
ethnographic / landscape
learning workshop

route typology
circular / ~8km / urb+natur / easy+

route 1 day
available all year
commemorative: "Anadia medieval market"


(next date:) July 13th and 14th

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Starting at the "medieval market" in the Torres lagoon we will go up to the town of Torres, walk through the fields and vineyards to learn about the history, traditions and ethnography of this place. From the lagoon to Bairrada vineyards, from muddy soils to sandy soils, from architecture in adobe to "new art", from the transformation of the bunho and reed plants byartisans local, and which we will follow during the event, takes us to the ethnography of this people and this place. We try gastronomy in different spaces from the market and, at the end, we toast with a flute of Bairrada sparkling wine.