It was in Foz Ca, in Largo do Tablado, that the prices of shelled and shelled almonds were set for the whole country, as, in the old days, this was the largest area of national almond production, even influencing prices in the Mediterranean markets.

type of itinerary
agrocultural / historical
landscape / ethnographic

circular / ~14km / natural+urb / easy+

route duration: 1 day
available all year


(next date:) September

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In the "terra quente"region we pass through the almond groves to the Ca Museum and the rupestrian engravings with a view over the Douro and Ca rivers. We continue through the trees to the "Villarrica" Almond Museum to discover and taste its excellent products. We visit the historic center of Foz Ca, the main church with a Manueline faade and much more. We end the tour with a toast at the "Mateus Sequeira Vinhos winery".