From farms and horse breeders, from Ribatejo workers in the marshes and from figures who have marked our history, the town of Golegã is made up, the horse capital that we get to know on this urban walk and through the fertile fields of the Tagus river full of life.

route typology
commemorative / equestrian
ethnographic / Historical

linear / ~9km / urb+natur / easy

route duration: 1 day
available all year
commemorative: "National Horse Fair"


(next date:) on request

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On this walk, the ancestral tradition linked to horse breeding and the stories of the various farms in the region, the religious and power landmarks that still exist in the village of Golegã. From the Carlos Relvas house-studio "chalet" to the typewriter museum, between the cultural and pedagogical Equuspolis and Largo do Arneiro, the central point of the entire horse fair. The surroundings of agricultural fields in the "leziria ribatejana" and, nearby, the "Paul do Boquilobo Natural Reserve", "(sic) where ways are sought to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use".