An ancient tradition where children asked from door to door: "bread, by God". After the 1755 earthquake, which happened on November 1st, people who were starving asked for food, and this tradition became more popular among the populations in the following years.

route typology
commemorative / ethnographic

circular / ~6km / urb / easy

route duration: ~4hours
available: single date
commemorative: "All Saints Day"


(next date:) November 01

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Let's revive the tradition of asking for "Pão de Deus", "Pão por Deus", "Bolinhos Santinhos" or "Santórios". This November 1st we will look for bakeries and pastry shops in Anadia where we can recreate the tradition and, as we knock on these doors, with a cloth bag in our hands, we sing the verses

"Ó tia, dá Pão-por-Deus?
Se o não tem Dê-lho Deus!"

"O aunt, will you give me Bread?
If you don't have it, God give it to you!"