After the harvest, a visual transformation takes place in Bairrada. In autumn the vineyards turn shades of red, gold, yellow or burgundy depending on the grape variety, which makes this whole magical region. It's time to visit the vineyards to feel this transformation.

type of itinerary:
cycle tourism / scenic
historical / ethnographic

circular / ~60km / natur+urb / medium

route duration: 1 day
available: all year


(next date:) November

subscription / regulation (pdf) (PT)


Based on the Curia we will, on the first day, discover two iconic swings among the Bairrada vineyards in the region, visit a wine barrel shaped like a wine barrel, the two-wheel museum and admire the Caramulo mountain range and the Cértoma valley seen from the Sangalhos viewpoint. On the second day we cycled to Caves São Domingos, in Ferreiros and visited Anadia and the Museu do Bairrada Wineamong many other discoveries.