The cold arrives and preparations begin with pruning the vineyard, preparing new land or renewing old vines. In the cellars and cellars, new wine continues to take shape and taking shape, it is the work of winemakers, to showcase their art so that exceptional wines are born.

type of itinerary:
wine tourism / scenic
gastronomic / ethnographic

circular / ~12km / natur+urb / easy+

route duration: 1 day
available: all year


(next date:) December

subscription / regulation (pdf) (PT)


Leaving Curia we will wander through the vineyards, visit cellars and wineries and taste the nectar of Bairradin, climb to viewpoints and mills and find the Paço de Óis on the Roman route Bracara-Olisipo. gastronomy and a visit to a pig roaster are part of the route. The Termas da Curia and Palace Hotel are landmarks in the landscape. We pass through the "Rota da Bairrada" area and, at the end, we make a final toast with a flute d'honra to the next wine season.