On September 27, 1810, one of the battles that led to the end of the French invasions took place. More than reason, men died and honor and respect is due. Knowing will be always a form of freedom for our choices in future history.

type of itinerary
commemorative / military
historical / botanical / landscape

circular / ~10km / natural+urb / medium+

route duration: 1 day
available all year


(next date:) September 27

subscription / regulation (pdf) (PT)


Starting at the Gate of Sula we go up to the Cruz Alta and, while we go down the Sacred Way to the Gate of Coimbra, we passed through the adernal and the relic forest. We visited the Palace Hotel, the convent and the fern valley. We continue to the center of Luso to fill our canteen at the S. João fountain. The path takes us to the military museum, to memories of the French invasions and to the obelisk invocative of that battle. We end this itinerary with a "toast of honor".