In one of the oldest universities in Europe is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. There are bats looking after the books at the Joanina library in Coimbra. You knew? Come and discover it on this walk, along with the city's festivities and Queen St. Isabel.

route typology
commemorative / literary
religious / historical

circular / ~12km / urb / easy+

duration of each route: 1 day
available all year

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(next date:) Jul 01

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Starting at the botanical garden, we go to "Alta", university, Joanina library and museums. Passing the river Mondego we go to the convent of St. Clara-a-Velha. Going up, we reach the foot of the tomb of Queen St. Elizabeth in St. Clare convent. Returning to the city, we passed by the Igreja de St. Cruz and the tomb of D. Afonso Henriques. We go up to Jardim da Sereia and finally to Pedo da Saudade. We finish with a Flute d'Honra.