With the arrival of cold days, we explore, on foot or by bicycle, more demanding yet stunning routes, providing an exhilarating experience.
It is the winter of tranquility and isolation, with a cold and serene beauty.


Dec 22 - winter solstice

In Marvão, the entire landscape takes on a new expression as the sunset is observed from the top of the castle tower on this fantastic day.

Dec 30 - old year's walk

Old year! Ending with sparkling wine and 12 grapes to accompany. A toast to everyone.


Jan 02 - new year's walk

A walk with the finest sparkling wine to toast to the year that is now beginning. Goodbye old year! Welcome new year!

Jan 05 - on Santa Claus route

From the largest to the smallest Santa Claus in the world. "Águeda is Christmas" transforms the downtown area with streets adorned with hats into an amusement park for visual senses.

Jan 06 - on the trail of the Three Wise Men

The "january songs" and the "Three Wise Men" still endure in the traditions of Portugal and Spain, with Bolo-Rei (King's Cake), the exchange of gifts, and all the customs.

Jan 10 - St Gonçalinho

A walk in Aveiro where the people from the Beira Mar neighborhood showcase their faith and devotion to St Gonçalo to the world. In January, cavacas (traditional pastries) rain down in Aveiro.

Jan 13-14 - Dão ecopista

In Dão, the old railway line has been transformed into an ecopista that takes us on a 2-day, 100km journey through an area rich in history and landscapes.

Feb 02 - wetlands day

In this walk, among willows, alders, and poplars, we get to know the importance of wetlands.

Feb 04 - the vineyards belong to the daisies

A walk with the muddy ground of the vineyards covered in daisies, while bees hover in the air, going from flower to flower in search of pollen.

Feb 14 - make way for love

Among pear and apple blossoms, we will find a timeless love story between Pedro and Inês, and next to the monastery, we indulge in conventual sweets.

Feb 20-21 - mother language day

"My homeland is my language."
Between Galicia and Portugal, there exists a bond older than the borders that divide these two countries.

Mar 02 - blooming almond trees

On a walk among almond blossoms and the History of Man depicted in the rock engravings of Foz Côa, we journey with eyes set on what the almond will offer us in the future.

Mar 03 - wildlife day

A lagoon system hosts numerous species, and in Pateira, we have a great variety of wild living beings.