With the leaves of the trees changing color, the routes pass through vineyards and orchards filled with fruit, and we have the hues of the tree leaves creating a nostalgic atmosphere.
It is the peaceful and serene Autumn.


Sept 27 - Buçaco battle

On September 27, 1810, one of the battles that led to the end of the "French invasions" took place. We witness the reenactment of Portugal's history.

Sept 29 - Almond Market

It was in Foz Côa where the price of almonds for Portugal was determined. It was at the "Almond Market" around mid-September, along with the "Feira de S. Miguel" (St. Michael's Fair).

(29) 30 Set (01 Oct) - Al Mossassa
season: unique date / commemorative

Marvão "owes" its name to Ibn Maruán, and in October, together with Badajoz, the Al Mossassa is celebrated, a grand festival in honor of its founder.

Oct 04 - Francis of Assisi

Celebrating the work of the man who brought greater humanity to the Catholic Church.

05 Oct - Learning Workshop
commemorative: "Festa do Bunho e do Junco"

Come and discover the plants in the lagoon, ride a swing, discover fossils, ride a pony and make "paintings in the wind".
A different day with the "Recovering the Village of Torres Association"

07 / 08 Oct - "Bunho" and "Junco" route
"Bairrada Routes" - season: all year
commemorative: "Bunho" and "Junco" feast

In Torres lagoon grows hardstem bulrush and rushes. Residents harvested the plants to make baskets and mats. It is this ethnography that we will get to know and learn how to work in the "learning workshop".

Oct 07 - castles day

Discover our castles and the rich history of Portugal that they helped to guard and defend.

Oct 08 - autumn shades

Fall settles in the mountains of Portugal, bringing fantastic landscapes, unique environments, and amazing places.

Oct 11-16 - Autumn Journey to Santiago

Galicia becomes even more magical as the oak trees turn golden and the earth smells of the first rains. Visiting Santiago strengthens our connection to this fantastic land.

Oct 21 - Apple Day

Let's take a walk through the orchards of Alcobaça and get to know the region that gave its name to the protected geographical indication for this fruit.

Oct 22- autumn shades

The banks of Pateira transform into a palette of yellow, brown, and golden hues to welcome migratory birds during the winter.

Oct 31 - halloween

A spine-chilling evening walk and a cup of tea to wrap up a spooky night.

Nov 01 - "Pão por Deus"

Commemorating an ancient tradition that gained more significance after the earthquake of November 1st, 1755.

Nov 04-05 - autumn shades

In Bairrada, nature becomes more vibrant, and for 2 days we visit cellars and wineries, explore museums and traditions, and feast our eyes on the hues of the vineyards.

Nov 10 - acorn day

The acorns symbolize hope, renewal, and sustainability, being a treasure that has nourished generations and sustaining ecosystems.

Nov 11 - St Martin's day

With the new wine ready in the barrel, it's time to visit the winery and taste it. This tradition continues, accompanied by roasted chestnuts, taking advantage of St Martin's famous summer.

Nov 11-12 - chestnut fair

Around Saint Martin's time, occurs in Marvão one of the most significant fairs in this region, where the chestnut takes center stage as the queen of the celebration.

Nov 13 - wine tourism day

With the new wine in the barrel, we embark on a journey to the winery to taste and celebrate on this day.

Nov 16 - Sea's day

"Oh salty sea, how much of your salt is tears of Portugal!" The connection to the sea along a united coastline. Portugal has 1860km of coastline, including the mainland and islands.

Nov 19-20 - Treasures of Lousã

There are treasures to be found in the form of arts and crafts, landscapes, and gastronomy. We seek out these treasures and perhaps even listen to the roar of the deers.

Nov 23 - autochthonous forest day

The importance of the forest in its natural state. Understanding how its ecosystem functions and preserving it for humanity.

Nov 26 - olive tree day

Celebrate this day next to an olive tree, a green patriarch, aged 3350 years, or discover the landscape with a traditional olive grove.

Dec 02- 03 - Bacchus' Rest

As the cold sets in, the pruning begins, preparing new lands, renewing old vineyards. The new wine continues to take shape. It's time for winemakers to showcase their art.

Dec 05 - soil's day

For a sustainable future, we embark on a journey to discover the soil and its importance to humanity.

Dec 11 - mountains day

In the mountains, we find serenity and grandeur that inspire our courage, challenge us to push our limits, and lead us to unforgettable landscapes.


Sept 22- autumn equinox

A walk through nature to celebrate the arrival of the season of colors.