General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Being 'Josť Carlos Carvalho Pereira' (with tax identification number: 196108365), an individual entity providing services duly registered with the tax authorities and holding the necessary licenses for the activities performed, is subject to the GDPR in force since May 25, 2018.

1 - The collection of data is reflected in the contact between this entity and customers who request information (or have shown interest in the activities carried out) and/or request services or participation in the activities organized by it.

a) Personal data: In the course of the activity, we collect, process, and store the following personal data: "name"; "address"; "email"; "phone contacts"; "tax identification number (NIF)"; "date of birth". Regarding the collection of data by third parties where this entity has and/or discloses information (social media platforms, search engines, etc.), please refer to their privacy policies: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Google, TikTok.

b) Processing of collected personal data: The collected personal data is organized, updated, and maintained as required for customer contact and the relevant sector of activity.

2 - Responsibility for the processing of personal data: The processing of the collected data is the sole and entire responsibility of Josť Carlos Carvalho Pereira.

3 - Purpose of the processing of personal data: The purpose of the processing is to ensure proper contact and participation of customers in the activities and services provided by this entity, as well as the promotion of activities and/or services offered by this entity.

4 - Retention period for data: The personal data provided by clients and held by this entity will be valid for the period necessary for the purposes of providing the inherent services, as well as for the business relationship between this entity and the clients.

5 - Rights of data subjects: Data subjects have the right to request, at any time, "access to their data"; "rectification or correction of their data"; "deletion of their data".

6 - Consent of data subjects: The consent given for the collection, maintenance, and processing of data is voluntary and specific.

7 - Transmission of personal data to third parties: In the course of specific activities, there may be a need to transmit personal data to third parties (such as in the case of activating insurance where data needs to be sent to insurance companies...). In such cases, the authorization of data subjects will always be requested, and they will be informed about the data to be transmitted and the purpose of the transmission.

8 - Contacts: For any questions or inquiries, you can contact this entity using the available contact information on the website.