With nature blooming and mild weather, there comes an opportunity to explore fields filled with color and beautiful landscapes, pedal along roads surrounded by flowering trees, and visit enchanting places. It is nature's rejuvenating spring.


Mar 20 - spring equinox

When night equals day, the beginning of spring occurs, and a burst of colors and aromas emerges in nature.

Mar 21 - tree day

Trees, with their own stories of survival and adaptation spanning thousands of years and all the beauty of these living beings.

Mar 22 - water day

To celebrate and raise awareness about the promotion, sustainable use, and responsible management of this essential resource for life.

Mar 23-26 - spring in Alentejo

Spring in Alentejo is made by multicolored landscapes, wend the fields come alive with vibrant flowers.

Mar 26 - portuguese book day

Portuguese literature is so rich, providing us with abundant inspiration for moments of imagination and places to explore.

Mar 28 - historic centers day

To celebrate the entire history and culture that is gathered in urban centers, some of which are classified as world heritage sites.

Apr 06 / 07 - cherry blossoms in bloom

Delicate white flowers adorn the cherry blossom trees, adding color to the landscape during the cool spring days.

Apr 15 / 16 - spring mountain tones

The mountains transform into a palette of colors and aromas that linger in the fresh air. Heather and gorse become covered in flowers. It's nature's rebirth in spring.

Apr 18 - monuments and sites day

To explore and appreciate our heritage, visiting and studying its history to preserve it for future generations.

Apr 20-25 - From Scallabis to Aeminium

Embark on a journey through history from Santarém to Coimbra, tracing the ancient Roman road XVI of Antoninus' itinerary.

Apr 29 - mulberry trees and portuguese silk

The mulberry tree serves as the foundation for the production of natural silk, and Portugal also has a history of sericulture and silk industry.

May 01 - Beltane Festival

The rebirth of nature after winter is celebrated during the Beltane Festival. Deities and our Celtic heritage are honored and remembered during this time.

May 01 - "portuguese broom" flower walk

The tradition of adorning doors and windows on May 1st with these yellow Portuguese broom flowers, known as 'maias' in Portugal. A tradition and cultural ritual with ancient roots.

May 03 - sun's day

This is the time to appreciate the vibrant energy emanating from our golden sun and the radiant light that warms and illuminates us.

May 06 - tile day

Heritage found on building facades and urban art, portraying diverse themes or simple abstraction.

May 09
Wheat Spike's Day / Ascension's feast

Passing through the fields, gathering wheat spikes and flowers, creating a bouquet where each element holds a meaning of 'protection'.

May 09-15 - spring to Santiago

As the cool breeze from the Atlantic gently blows, we will ride along the cycle paths along the Galician coast towards Santiago de Compostela.

May 17 - pastry day

Enjoying pastries, crispy crusts, sweet fillings in delightful creations. It's a day to savor the flavors and creativity of pastry masters.

May 20 - Elderberries in Bloom

The white flowers of the elderberry shine near the water, next to the Roman bridges and the Salzedas Monastery in the Varosa Valley.

May 21 - Baga day

A walk to celebrate the flagship grape variety of Bairrada and taste this wine that is experiencing a resurgence.

May 23-29 - Almada to Fátima

From Almada to Fátima along the 'Tejo Path,' a journey of faith and discovery between two sanctuaries.

May 25 - gardens day

A garden can be a corner, a small delight, a larger space to rest, read, converse... a garden always holds a story.

Jun "00" - Ammaia Festum

Near the Sever river, we celebrate Ammaia, this Roman city that gradually unveils its significance in the peninsula and the empire.

Jun 03 - bicycle day

Increasingly present, the bicycle allows us to discover unforgettable places and stories of incredible journeys.

Jun 05-06 - cherry festival

The cherry is the queen of spring, and during these days, you can get to know the different varieties found in Portugal.

Jun 08 - oceans day

The oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface. With our feet in the Atlantic, we celebrate this day.

Jun 10 - Pomonas Camonianas

In Constância, homage is paid to Luís de Camões. In this enchanting village, his life and work are felt everywhere.

Jun 11 - celebrations of Portugal day

To walk through, in what was once the capital of Portugal, the steps that Camões took along the streets and imagine the places he visited.

Jun 15 - wind's day

In the fluttering of birds, the force that shapes the landscape. The wind, the ancient 'anemoi' commanded by 'Eólo,' let us feel it on our faces.

Jun 18 - Picnic Day

In June, with the weather already warm and a gentle breeze, it's nice to take a break and experience nature during a picnic.