With the sun and high temperatures, water and shade are the best choices. We explore mountains and pedal along coastal roads, where we feel the sea breeze and discover picturesque beaches. It is the hot and challenging summer.


Jun 21 - summer solstice

On the longest solar day of the year, we create memories to share while watching the sunset with a flute of sparkling wine in hand

June - Vine and Wine fair

During these days, Anadia becomes the capital of Bairrada. The wine-making tradition, the Bairrada gastronomy, and the evolution of cycling in Portugal are celebrated.

July - Alcobaça to Fátima

A grand route between monasteries, castles, and fantastic landscapes leading to this Marian sanctuary in Cova de Iria.

Jul 01 - library day

In one of the oldest universities in Europe, did you know that there are bats taking care of books? Libraries are where written knowledge resides, holding memories of time.

04 Jul - queen St. Isabel feasts

Coimbra, with its patron Queen St. Isabel, celebrates her memory and the city festivities during these days

Father Sarmento Route
"Rotas de Santiago" - available: all year round
comemorative: 19 July

From Pontevedra to Santiago, we follow in the footsteps of Friar Martín Sarmiento on his pilgrimage in 1745 through Galicia.

Jul 24 - archaeology day

Archaeology Day is a fascinating dive into the layers of the past, uncovering buried secrets and connecting us to the richness of human history.

Jul 25 - saint James' day

Celebrating the day of the Apostle James.
Ultreia and Suseia

Jul 28 - nature conservation day

This day serves as a reminder of our role as guardians of the planet, inspiring actions to preserve the beauty and diversity of nature.

Aug 19 - photography day

Leave nothing but footprints and carry with you memories, photographic emotions.

18 Aug - Srª d'Agonia pilgrimage
"Viana Routes" - available: all year
commemorative: 00 - 18 - 00 August - "Festas d'Agonia"

In the Minho region, there is a devotion that fishermen have as a sign of gratitude for difficult times. In Viana, the cult of Sr.ª da Agonia is celebrated.

Aug 26-27 - Mogofores - Talábriga

Before the vow of Couto de Mogofores to Srª da Paz, the journey to Talábriga was already made along the XVI Roman road, from Olisipo to Bracara.

sep 07 - pilgrimage to "Srª da Paz"
"Bairrada Routes" - available: unique date
commemorative: 1st weekend of September

A pilgrimage from Couto de Mogofores promised in 1598. A faith that has endured through the centuries. 30 km of rich history.

sep 01 - "coats of arms" route
"Rotas na Bairrada" - available: all year
commemorative: 1st weekend of September

Magfur, Morogos, or the legend of the witch Moga. The origin of Mogofores in this land rich in people and tradition

Sep 08 - Nª Srª da Estrela

Marvão celebrates its municipal holiday and the catholic feast of Nª Sª da Estrela. In the landscape, the dry colors of summer still prevail.

sep 09 - grape harvest route
available: seasonal - aug/sep/oct
Commemorative: 2nd weekend of september

The grape harvest season lasts from August to late October, with the picking of greener grapes for sparkling wines, followed by ripe reds and whites, and finally late harvests.

Sep 10 - moscatel de Favaios festival

On the plateau between Alijó and Favaios, a blanket of vineyards stretches between monuments, ancient forts, Roman presence, Arab occupation, and Christian reconquest.

Sep 11-18 - Santiago de Compostela

From Cerveira to Santiago, a multi-day walk along the Galician coast with the thought of St. James' boat in mind.

17 Set - Nª Srª dos Navegantes

The devotion of fishermen and seafaring men to Nª Srª dos Navegantes in a procession between the estuary and the sea.

Sep 18 - coastal cleanup day

Preserving the planet for a sustainable future. Taking action in collecting, raising awareness in prevention.